NFDI4Health Services for Health Data

NFDI4Health aims to expand the technical infrastructure for the entire data lifecycle. With our innovative services and technical developments, we seek to break down existing silos and find solutions that are compatible with the heterogeneous research landscape. In this way, we ensure the findability and access to health data while complying with data protection regulations and ethical principles.

Health data, as collected in clinical and epidemiological studies as well as public health studies, are extremely valuable datasets for health research. They enable the improvement of the health of all people. At the same time, personal health data are particularly sensitive and in need of protection, which complicates their free publication.

NFDI4Health develops standards, services, and infrastructure solutions that make health data sustainably and FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Reusable) for research, also in exchange with other national and international health research data infrastructures. An important aspect is the cooperation with other NFDI consortia across domain boundaries.

Our Services

Standards for Data Collection

We develop solutions for the documentation and publication of clinical and epidemiological studies and data. This includes standards and guidelines for metadata, and the harmonization and quality assurance of research data. For this purpose, we offer services such as Data Harmonization and Publication, Data Quality Assessment, and Data Anonymization Tools.

Infrastructure for Findability and Access

We provide infrastructures to improve the findability and reuse of personal research data. The following three services are available: Our FAIR Training concept helps researchers learn and integrate important standards of research data management into their own work. Our health data platform, the Health Study Hub, facilitates the capture of metadata and makes a wide range of health studies more discoverable. The Local Data Hub enables local data management, while researchers can request data for new research questions through the Central Access Point.

Secure Sharing and Analysis

In compliance with data protection regulations, the requested data can be securely analyzed in decentralized environments. With our services DataSHIELD and Personal Health Train, researchers can analyze data in a protected environment. By combining different data sets, unresolved questions about health and disease can be answered.

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