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Wednesday, 01 November 2023 10:27

NFDI4Health published training concepts on research data management

Competencies of data stewards and data scientists. Competencies of data stewards and data scientists. (c) Hörner et al. 2021

The digital transformation and the increasing importance of health science data are challenging our society. It is essential to equip everyone involved in health research with the skills to handle and understand datasets and thereby enable them to make informed decisions. A handbook on training concepts on research data management in health research published by NFDI4Health provides new methods and approaches.

Digitisation and the increasing volume of research data - particularly in health research - pose a significant challenge to the workforce, policy makers, funders and educational institutions. Therefore, it is crucial to teach skills of data literacy to everyone involved in health research as early as possible. The skills needed to handle the multifaceted nature of data, to understand their various limitations and to be able to make informed decisions about its appropriate use must be integrated into the curriculum of academic programmes.

Inspired by the theme “The effective handling of biomedical research data requires all individuals involved to become data literate”, NFDI4Health published a handbook on training programmes for data literacy in health research. The program addresses clinical and epidemiological researchers, accommodating individuals with varying levels of experience. As the demand for data literacy training is large and exceeds the capacity of NFDI4Health, the handbook describes different training scenarios to enable trainers and multipliers to effectively use the NFDI4Health training concepts and materials and adapt them to their local contexts.

Currently, there are two primary threads: one focuses on raising awareness of basic research data management, while the other focuses on NFDI4Health product-specific training modules. In particular, the manual describes the Data Train programme in detail and provides a curriculum and organisational elements to implement it locally. NFDI4health also provides an initial list of data skills specific to health research as a complement to existing more general collections. The handbook is rounded off by the presentation of introductory and NFDI4Health product-specific training courses, e.g. how to use the German Central Health Study Hub for publishing study metainformation. All content and linked material is freely available under a CC-BY licence.

Our new handbook on training concepts is a first step towards a dynamic manual that will develop over time with input and collaboration from the NFDI4Health communities.


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Dierkes J, Fürst J, Hörner T, Klammt S, Lindstädt B, Pigeot I, Restel K, Schmidt CO, Waltemath D, Zeleke A. Training concepts in research data management and data science with the focus on health research. Zenodo, 2023.

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