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Workshop: Data Quality and Initial Data Analysis (November 17th–18th, Berlin)

The annual autumn workshop of the working groups "Statistical Methods in Medicine" (IBS-DR), "Statistical Methods in Epidemiology" (IBS-DR, DGEpi, DGSMP), "Statistical Methods in Clinical Research" (GMDS) and "Epidemiological Methods" (DGEpi, GMDS, DGSMP) in cooperation with NFDI4Health and TMF e.V. is projected to take place November 17th–18th at the premises of the TMF e.V. in central Berlin. Participation will also be possible online.

The topic of this year’s workshop is

"Data Quality and Initial Data Analysis"

Dealing with data quality in the health sciences is characterized by an impressing paradox. On the one hand, achieving a high data quality is regarded as being essential for valid scientific inference. On the other hand, inconsistent attention has been paid to the definition, assessment, and reporting of data quality. Corresponding standards are mostly lacking, despite numerous theoretical and applied works of relevance. To make matters worse, neither the evaluation, nor the resulting data quality of data bodies are commonly transparent and there is comparatively little attention on this topic in academic teaching.

This workshop therefore consists of two parts:

First, a theoretical part on definitions of data quality and data quality frameworks. Invited talks cover the handling of data quality in research data collections (Carsten Oliver Schmidt), electronic health records (Clair Blacketer), the importance of common data models (CDMs) to facilitate data quality assessments (Matthias Löbe), as well as an introduction to facets of initial data analyses (IDA, Marianne Huebner).

Second, an applied part on tools, statistics, and application examples to assess data quality and general data properties. Talks present reviews on data quality software (Lisa Ehrlinger), and related R packages (Joany Marino, Elisa Kasbohm) as well as presentations of freely available R-packages (Richard Iannone, Stephan Struckmann), and statistical applications on data inspections to prepare subsequent statistical analyses (Georg Heinze, Lara Lusa). Talks on software will also cover hands on demonstrations.

Beyond the mentioned talks, we welcome additional contributions of participants.

We would like to ask you to send abstracts for possible contributions (maximum 350 words) by October 15th, 2022 to:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We encourage younger colleagues to present and discuss their work or work in progress.

Registration for the workshop is possible via


TMF – Technologie- und Methodenplattform für die vernetzte medizinische Forschung e.V. Charlottenstraße 42/Ecke Dorotheenstraße, 10117 Berlin

Begin Thursday 17th 1pm, end Friday 18th 1pm

There are no participation fees. Note that space within the TMF premises is limited. Please register as early as possible to ensure the possibility to attend in Berlin.


After the end of the autumn workshop, the meeting of the TMF e.V. working group “Data quality and Transparency” will take place at the same premises to further discuss the presented topics (approx. 2-5 pm). All participants of the autumn workshop are invited.


We would like to thank the NFDI4Health for funding the workshop based on a DFG grant, project number 442326535


News will be posted at

We look forward to welcoming you to Berlin in November!

Sigrid Behr, Ralph Brinks, Stella Erdmann, Sarah Friedrich, Juliane Hardt, Verena Hoffmann, Anne Lotz, Philipp Mildenberger, Ann-Kathrin Ozga, Kerstin Rubarth, Nicole Rübsamen, Carsten Oliver Schmidt, Irene Schmidtmann, Uwe Siebert und Maria Stark für die Arbeitsgruppen.

Aus juristischen Gründen müssen wir Folgendes angeben:
Falls die Teilnehmerzahl zu gering ist oder ein anderer wichtiger Grund vorliegt, haben die Organisatoren der Veranstaltung das Recht, den Workshop abzusagen oder zu verschieben oder auch das Programm zu ändern. Registrierte Teilnehmer werden umgehend benachrichtigt und bereits gezahlte Gebühren werden erstattet. Weitere Ansprüche, insbesondere die Erstattung von Reise- und Übernachtungskosten sowie für entstandenen Arbeitsausfall bestehen nicht.

Translation (Only the German text is legally binding):
For legal reason we have to state the following:
If there are too few participants or if there are other compelling reasons the organizers of this event have the right to cancel the workshop, to change its date or to change the programme. In this case, registered participants will be informed immediately and fees that have been paid already will be reimbursed. However, no further reimbursement can be claimed. In particular, there is no claim for reimbursement of travel cost or cost of accomodation.

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